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Welcome To Roller Coaster Penny Stocks

Our only job is to find our members penny stocks that go up. Nothing more, nothing less. We find, analyze, and feature, fundmentally sound rock solid companies that are poised to increase in share price value by at least 50-2500%, or more. We feature these companies in our member-area on the 1st and 15th of each month for you to evaluate and consider buying. So, do we get results ..

Well, how about our KMX (Car-Max) pick, featured at $1.75, it steadily soared to $34.00, then continued on to $58.89 before a 2 for 1 stock split. Or Knology (KNOL) @ $2.90 hitting $19.78, and Pet Smart (PETM) @ $2.87 climbing continually to $36.24, then (VPHM) ViroPharma @ $2.65 to $24.36, plus U.S Energy (USEG) @ $2.55 to $6.85, or Actuate Corp (ACTU) @ $1.80 to $7.06, and then GigaMedia (GIGM) @ $1.75 to $16.42.

And more recently, Mad Catz (MCZ) @ $0.40 to $1.65, or Theragenics (TGX) @ $2.95 hitting $6.95, plus Ivanhoe Energy (IVAN) @ $1.00 moving to $3.43, or Commerce Energy (EGR) @ $1.30 quickly hitting $3.25, and Taseko Mines (TGB) @ $1.20 seeing $5.08 and likely headed higher, then Microvision (MVIS) @ $3.30 steadily climbing to $6.08 and likely to see new highs

Yes, our sensible strategies and realistic investing methods produce superior investing results for you with a low risk factor.

Members in 20+ countries trade penny stocks with us.

Why ? .. Because we keep our service simple, easy to use, easy to understand, and we get results.

While most penny stock sites are now run by "get rich quick" TV business opportunity types, we cater to sensible intelligent individuals who are smart enough to avoid all the hype and appreciate the simple clarity and brevity our investing service offers.

We present our members condensed concise "straight to the point" investing analysis of our chosen companies. Our members love being able to quickly determine which of our featured penny stock picks meets their investment needs, without having to read through page after page of financial fluff. We are a true no-hype pick site run by mature responsible adults and our members appreciate it.

As such, our loyal members with their "word of mouth" advertising, has helped us grow into what is probably the biggest actively trading penny stock membership site on the Internet today.

Make money investing in penny stocks with us.

Simply join us now and we will pick, analyze, and feature high quality profitable penny stocks for you. We do all the boring tedious research work. All you need to do is open your own stock trading account with a discount broker so you can buy and sell your shares.

Joining gets you access to our member area where you will find all of our current featured picks, as well as all previous year by year picks ever featured. You will also have access to all of the Famous 15 picks, all mid-month Hot picks, and links to market educational reports. Additionally, you get the "free bonus" 20 chapter basic trading manual ( a $39.95 value ), which is also in the member area for you to read 24-7 at your leisure.

Please join us now .. We look forward to you becoming a member.

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Charles Heath appreciates your trust.
Charles Heath, President
Rollercoaster Stocks 

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